The site and proposals

The site relates to agricultural fields north of the A458, Weighbridge Rd, close to the sailing lake.

The site has been chosen because of a number of factors: 

  • Sunlight intensity levels – the site is flat and well located geographically for solar gains and is free of any buildings or landscape features that could cause overshadowing. 
  • Good highway access. Following the construction of the development, there will be very few visits required to the site by maintenance operatives. This amounts to about four visits per year. Thus traffic generated by the proposed development will be insignificant. 
  • The site is available at a size that can accommodate a 45MW solar park. 
  • Grid connections are available close by. 
  • The nearby industrial estate accommodates large businesses that consume a significant amount of electricity. Compton Group is in discussion with UPM Paper Mill to provide a green solution to help meet their energy needs. 

The proposed solar park constitutes the installation and operation of photovoltaic (PV) panels laid out in rows running east to west across the field enclosure.

Each array will be mounted on a simple metal framework; the maximum height of the arrays will respond to the site topography and will be at about 2.5m above ground level. The framework will be driven into the soil, removing the need for deep foundations or piling. Around the site a fence will be erected together with indigenous hedgerow planting.

It is anticipated that the application proposal will have the potential to generate up to 45,000 MWh of power annually. This equates to the annual energy consumption of approximately 11,000 households. 

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