The project team
The team for the Deeside solar park project has been formed by Compton Group with the support of Pegasus Group.

Pegasus Group is a planning and development consultancy providing advice to the planning and development industry. Pegasus was established in 2003 and is now one of the leading national consultancies in the development sector. 

Pegasus Group has considerable experience in a wide range and scale of renewable energy projects, ranging from on-shore and off-shore wind farms to biomass power plants, solar parks and anaerobic digestion schemes.

The project team also consists of other specialist consultants who are providing advice in relation to:

  • Highways impact and access arrangements. 
  • Ecology of the site and surrounding area, the impact of the proposal on ecology and whether any mitigation is required. 
  • Any possibility of flooding at the site and likely risks. The risks are low given that people will not use the site and any vulnerable electrical equipment will be protected. 
  • The visual impact of the proposals on the landscape. 


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