The benefits of this proposal

Solar arrays sit low to the ground, are well spaced, run silently and have no moving parts meaning our solar parks are therefore not a blot on the landscape and can act as an investment in the ecological wealth of the area.

Carbon reduction 

  • Enough power for 11,000 homes.
  • CO2 savings of 202,500 tonnes p.a. (the OFGEM calculation).


  • We will be implementing a planting scheme around our solar array, and installing bird/bat boxes or other measures to create a richer habitat and greater patchwork of life from plants and insects to honeybees and livestock.
  • Bees - The population of the iconic British bee has dropped alarmingly. We could keep hives under solar panels.
  • Hedgerows – Where sensible we will be planting hedgerows in front of solar panels to hide them from view.
  • Wildflower meadows - Vegetation including wildflowers, grasses and clover can be introduced between arrays to promote local biodiversity.


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